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Physio&Care is an independent Physiotherapy company specialising in providing expert clinical services Marbella wide to private individuals, in their own homes, care homes or work place.

Physiotherapy home service in Marbella, Puerto Banus, Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro de Alcántara, Calahonda and Cala de Mijas.

We focus on professional and personalized attention of all our patients having individual sessions, follow-up treatment and reports combined with the latest techniques. Physiotherapist at home in the comfort of your home, without having to travel to physiotherapy clinics or cabinets.

Fisioterapeuta a domicilio colegiado

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Home physiotherapy treatments

Neurological physiotherapy at home in Marbella | Physio&Care


Treatment of diseases arising from injuries to the nervous system.

During the different sessions, a series of techniques will be applied whose purpose is to improve both the physical capacities and the structural and sensorial alterations of the patient.

In this way, it is intended to rehabilitate or improve the quality and effectiveness of their movements and their posture. This impacts on the day to day life quality and well-being of the neurological patient.

  • Rehabilitation after strokes and cerebrovascular accidents.
  • Treatment in Parkinson.
  • Treatment of neuralgias, compressions…


The process of pregnancy and postpartum causes physiological changes in a woman’s body.
Prevention and toning during pregnancy will facilitate the recovery of the pelvic floor and the
entire abdominoperineal area.
The physiotherapy treatment at home works on the functionality of the perineum of new mothers,
with manual therapies, electrostimulation, kinesiotaping and Pilates pregnancy and postpartum, to
facilitate the flexibility and strengthening of the muscles so that the pelvic floor arrives at the birth
prepared. This improves postpartum recovery time.
It is important that mothers can live this new stage with love and connection with themselves.

  • Lower back pain.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Prolapse.
  • Caesarean sections.
  • Muscular overload.


Therapeutic exercise favours the prevention and recovery of muscular injuries.

Physiotherapy at home offers programmes designed for each person’s daily life. Integrating body

proprioception for postural correction, strengthening and muscular flexibility, through functional

exercises and therapeutic Pilates.

Constant active movement achieves significant and lasting improvements. Turning the body into a

functional machine that can perform daily tasks. 

  • Reducing lumbar and cervical pain.
  • Postural correction.
  • Prevention of sedentary injuries.
  • Gaining strength and endurance.
  • Improved cardiopulmonary function.
  • Relaxation.
  • Coordination and balance.
  • Improvement of functional dexterity in basic activities of daily living


The rehabilitation process following an injury is crucial for an optimal recovery.

After suffering an injury you lose muscle mass and joint amplitude due to the disuse and the adhesions that are usually created after a surgery.

The treatments are personalized and we perform manipulations and manual therapies accompanying them with infrared, ultrasound, TENS and combination therapy.

  • Sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Surgery


Helps improve or maintain the quality of life of the elderly and injuries of age. We work with geriatric patients by assessing their physical abilities and designing physiotherapy treatments and specific exercise, education and wellness programs.

Through these techniques, and in your own home, we managed to improve the quality of life of the elderly in a very remarkable way.

Individual and personalized treatment, applied in a preventive way, will delay and even prevent the appearance of ailments and improve the general physical state.

  • Reeducation of gait and balance.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery in knee and hip prostheses.
  • Mobilization of bedridden patients.


This specialty is focused on treating injuries derived from sports practice or the musculoskeletal system in general.

The sports physiotherapist works to recover the functionality of the athlete as soon as possible, accelerating the biological processes of recovery of the injury, limiting his training as little as possible and ensuring that he reincorporates himself with the greatest guarantees of success.

  • Treatment of tendinitis, sprains, fractures, fibrillar rupture, bursitis…
  • Rehabilitation of surgeries, pre and post surgical treatment.
  • Readaptation to the sport.
    Muscle overload.


Sessions of 1 hour: 100 €

Sports massage back and legs
Relax massage
Treatment of cervical pain, back pain
Treatment of tendiditis, sprains, hamstring
Pre- or post-surgery rehabilitation treatment of fractures, prothesis, ligamentoplastias.


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Physiotherapy at home with qualified professionals. What marks the difference in Physio&Care are the hands, unique tool in a rehabilitation process and combined with the latest technologies, offer a patient a complete treatment.

Our experience of almost ten years as part of a physiotherapy team of Ruber International Hospital in Madrid offered us multidisciplinary work with other hospital specialities gaining an extensive knowledge in the treatment of injuries and all most common surgeries.

Physiotherapy at home offers a high quality service for the recovery of patients who prefer to receive professional care at home.

Clients share their experience

I could barely walk, sit, or stand when I found Physio & Care. I had seen other physical therapists, but the professionalism and comfort of the Physio & Care service convinced me
Sophie Grant
The home physiotherapist service offered by Physio & Care is really comfortable. Certified professionals traveled to my home to offer me therapy until I recovered from my injuries
James Stinger
Especially grateful to Marta. She treated my mother with patience and infinite affection during her rehabilitation after a hip break. A very professional and qualified service.
Amy Winter

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